BikeGator repair stand, quick release - 1693AQ

The Bike Gator! The new generation of Unior 1693A(1693AS) bike stand.
The bike repair stand is the basic working tool both for service workshops and cycling enthusiasts.
It is easy to assemble and the support tubes are fold together enabling easier transportation between work place.
Clamp can grip tubes of any shape, with diameter of minimum Ø22mm to maximum Ø60mm.
Maximum load capacity is 30kg
Weight of the stand without tool tray is 5.7kg
Replaceable rubber jaw covers, item 1693.11
Code 623222 article 1693AS is stand with support tubes and jaw with adjustable nut
The stand features a new array of precision aluminum and steel parts which offer stiffness and durability.
NEW Jaw mount and rotation system.
improved sliding system
NEW stylish metal tool tray with interchangeable SOS foam insert.

H1 minH1 maxBLPurchase request
627767 980 1500 870 665 1680 6500 1K 1 add

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